COVID-19 Guidlines

   Hygiene and cleaning   

  • All students, instructors, and staff members will be required to wear masks when on-site.

  • Appropriate supplies (tissues, soap, and water, and/or hand sanitizer, etc.) will be provided to ensure proper hygiene procedures.

  • High-touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently.

  • Develop a schedule for increased, routine cleaning and disinfection.

  • As possible to do so safely, doors and windows will be opened to provide ventilation and airflow.

  • Cleaning products should not be used near children, and staff should ensure that there is adequate ventilation when using these products to prevent children or themselves from inhaling toxic fumes.

   Social distancing   

  • Groups will remain as small as possible and staff members that do not rotate. This may change depending on contemporaneous guidance at the times camps are in session.

  • Space seating at least 6 feet apart.

  • Visitors will not be allowed at the studio.

  • Desks and tables will be spaced to allow appropriate distance between students as they work.


   Supplies and equipment   

  • Curricular supplies will be provided on a per-student basis as much as possible to limit sharing.

  • Ensure adequate supplies to minimize the sharing of high-touch materials to the extent possible, or limit the use of supplies and equipment to one group of students at a time and clean and disinfect between use.



 Screening and attendance   

  • Students and staff will be screened upon arrival at the program with a safety questionnaire.

  • Temperature checks may be used if deemed necessary.

  • Students or staff showing symptoms of illness must remain home.

  • Staff members and instructors will be trained in these health and safety protocols prior to working on site.

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