Fashion Portfolio

Students will learn the process of developing a design portfolio for college applications or other career opportunities in the fashion industry. Students will explore creation and construction through the manipulation of patterns, illustration, and execution of various projects.

College Portfolio Fashion Illustration

In this course, students will learn industry standard fashion illustration techniques as well as develop their own personal style. Portfolios will consist of a moldboard, trend board, and fashion renderings of a mini collection.

College Portfolio Fashion & Sewing

In this course, students will learn how to fashion projects using a sewing machine. Students will learn traditional and contemporary construction methods and will be exposed to materials and fabrics commonly used in the fashion industry.  They will also learn pattern making skills to aid in creating a garment selected from their portfolio.

  • Learn to read commercial sewing patterns 

  • Understand the skills of flat pattern making 

  • Draft foundational patterns to create basic clothing designs 

  • Create basic patterns with fabric, then transcripted to paper patterns 

  • Understand fabric properties from the positioning on the dress form

Fashion Designer