Fashion Sewing

In this course, students will learn basic hand sewing techniques and become familiar with a sewing machine. They will familiarize themselves with different fabrics to incorporate into multiple sewing projects.

Fashion Sewing I  Beginner sewing techniques 

-introduction to basic hand and at-home sewing machine techniques 

  *hand sewing (running, back, and whip stitches)

  * button sewing (parallel and cross)

  * understanding the workings of an at-home sewing machine 

  * practice sewing techniques through multiple projects throughout the term


Fashion Sewing II Advanced sewing techniques 

-learn to read commercial patterns 

  * strengthen hand sewing techniques with a variety of hem finishings

  * learn to use an at-home serger machine 

  * understand commercial sewing patterns 


Fashion Sewing III Apparel Pattern Making 

-Draft clothing patterns from the foundational slopers 

  * understand the skills of flat pattern making 

  * draft foundational patterns to create basic clothing designs 

Fashion Sewing IV Apparel draping 

-learn the fundamentals of draping on industry dress forms

  * create basic patterns with fabric, then transcripted to paper patterns 

  * understand fabric properties from the positioning on the dress form


Fashion Sewing V Sewing problem solving 

-Personal study of making personal projects (apparel and accessories)

  * continue to strengthen sewing techniques through an array of projects 

  * broaden knowledge of variant design details   

  * experiment with different fabrics 

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