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Fashion & Sewing

In this course, students will learn basic hand sewing techniques and become familiar with a sewing machine. They will familiarize themselves with different fabrics to incorporate into multiple sewing projects.

Kids Sewing (G1-G3)

- start a foundation for sewing with hand sewing. 

-strictly hand-sewn projects 

  • Hand sewing (running, back, whip stitches)

  • Button sewing

  • Understand right and wrong sides

  • Draw shapes and patterns from fabric 


Fashion & Sewing I  Beginner Sewing (G4-G8)

- Introduction to basic hand and at-home sewing machine techniques 

  • Hand sewing (running, back, and whip stitches)

  • Button sewing (parallel and cross)

  • understanding the workings of an at-home sewing machine 

  • Practice sewing techniques through multiple projects throughout the term

Fashion & Sewing II Advanced Sewing (G4-G8)

- Learn to read commercial patterns 

  • ​Strengthen hand sewing techniques with a variety of hem finishings

  • Learn to use an at-home serger machine 

  • Understand commercial sewing patterns

Fashion & Sewing III Apparel Sewing (G4-G8)

- Further knowledge and skills working with commercial clothing patterns.

  • Incorporate serging of all pattern pieces

  • Read pattern instructions with full comprehension.

Fashion & Sewing Project  Independent Sewing (G4-G8)

- Personal study of making personal projects (apparel and accessories)

  • Continue to strengthen sewing techniques through an array of projects. 

  • Broaden knowledge of variant design details   

  • Experiment with different fabrics

Sewing Series - Kitchen

Learn the basics of sewing while creating a collection of kitchen accessories to use every day. Use the at-home brother sewing machine for straight and decorative stitches on weekly projects. Work with different fabrics and stitches to strengthen sewing knowledge easily and confidently.

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