John Kronzer

1. Tell us about your experience in our Digital Illustration classes!

My experience in digital art is full of good memories and also hard work. I’ve enjoyed all of my time at NYSA and everything has been full of happy moments.

2. Which class did you enjoy the most (from DI1 - 5), and why?

I cannot choose any class to be my favorite. I say this because all of my classes were very amazing.

3. What is your favorite digital art piece that you made, and why?

My favorite art piece was DI-4, because it was the most uniform and painting-like piece. I see some mistakes but overall I think it’s really good.

4. Can you tell us why you chose to learn digital illustration at NYSA? Tell us how the instructor has helped your development!

I chose this place because it was a local art studio and was closed to bikes too. Ms.Tory has encouraged me to look at my art positivity and also with a critical eye. She’s a helpful and great person to be taught by.