Niki Noshad

1. Tell us about your experience in our Digital Illustration classes!

I love these classes so much. My class has become a second home, and my classmates have become really close friends. I feel like my art has improved significantly. I’ve learned a bunch from this class, and I’m really grateful for it.

2. Which class did you enjoy the most (from DI1 - 5), and why?

All of the classes were a lot of fun, but if I were to pick, I would have to pick DI-5, since it’s a combination of all of the classes, so I have a lot of freedom to have fun and draw Plus, there’s lots of landscaping, which I love.

3. What is your favorite digital art piece that you made, and why?

I think it’s the snake. It’s not fully finished yet, but I think it’s going to come out looking the best. I got to go all out with detailing and color, and I think it’s just the prettiest I’ve done yet.

4. Can you tell us why you chose to learn digital illustration at NYSA? Tell us how the instructor has helped your development!

I’ve been going to NYSA for fine arts classes for quite a while now. I’ve had an amazing experience, and I was interested in digital art, so it made sense to go to NYSA. Ms. Tory, our instructor, is just amazing. She’s an amazing teacher that gives you enough freedom to explore, without limiting us. She gives us meaningful criticism, and introduces us to lots of new important topics. She’s also an amazing person, and has helped me better not just my art, but myself as well.