Riley Seewer

1. Tell us about your experience in our Digital Illustration classes!

The classes were really fun and taught me a lot, both about digital art and art in general. Since the classes were always small, I was able to get as much help as I needed. I also was able to receive feedback on my art from others, which was so, so valuable towards developing my art skills.

2. Which class did you enjoy the most (from DI1 - 5), and why?

Probably DI-3. Being able to create comics is one of the reasons I took these classes in the first place, and I learned a lot of the things that are necessary to know to create comics (like good page setups and camera angles). It was also just super fun and laid-back.

3. What is your favorite digital art piece that you made, and why?

My final product from DI-4. A lot of hard work went into it, and I managed to realize my initial goal and create a really cool piece that exceeded the boundaries of what I thought i was capable of.

4. Can you tell us why you chose to learn digital illustration at NYSA? Tell us how the instructor has helped your development!

I chose to take lessons at NYSA just because I wanted to learn the basics of digital art but wasn't really sure where to go. However, I'm really glad I did, because it's genuinely been one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much about art, and Ms.Tory was a perfect instructor- friendly, helpful, and honest. I also got to meet others sharing my interests and learn art skills that I'll take with me long after I'm done with the classes.