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Kick 2 Telugu Full Movie Free Download Hd (Final 2022)




Pavan Raju, Chitti Babu, Tanikella Bharani made their return in this movie after a gap of 5 years. This is a remake of Hindi film Kick 2 (2013), starring Salman Khan, Arjun Bijlani, Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan in the lead roles. Krishna Shastry, Raj Tarun, Raghu Babu, Ponnam Pradeep, Anu Prabhakar, Simran and Akshara Kumar were also in this movie. Plot The film starts with gangsters looting buses and killing passengers. The bus is stopped by S.I. Vishnu, who kills some of them. After that, S.I. Vishnu is attacked by a group of goons. He escapes from their attack. Meanwhile, the goons locate S.I. Vishnu's location. Vishnu goes to a police station. While he is in the station, some goons loot a cinema and take away the police constable's bike. However, they kill the policeman and take his bike. The goons use the bike to escape. The goons take a video and upload it online. In that video, a goon is seen with a police uniform, which is the police constable's. It is revealed that the police constable was killed. The goons upload the video of the dead constable and hold a press conference. S.I. Vishnu is transferred to the new city and his office is shifted too. When he reaches his new office, he is shocked to see that the new S.I. has already started the investigation of the same case. S.I. Vishnu is told that his wife is still in the new city, so he is transferred to the new city. His wife is angry with him. She tells him that he should focus on his work and not spend his time searching for the goons and killers. In the new city, S.I. Vishnu meets a school teacher, who is also his friend. S.I. Vishnu's friend gives some important information to him and tells him that the killer is a boy named Raj. It is revealed that the killer is with his friends, who are planning to do something big in a cinema. The boys were responsible for looting buses and killing passengers. S.I. Vishnu, along with his friend and some policemen,



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Kick 2 Telugu Full Movie Free Download Hd (Final 2022)
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