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3D Game Design

3D Game Design is a class focused on not only giving students the skills they need to be a valuable member of a video game pipeline but giving them the skills required to create, package, and sell games that they make completely by themselves. This course teaches the fundamentals in a variety of 3-dimensional genres.

Spring Session 2: April 1- June 12

Summer Semester: June 19 - August 19

3D Game Design Learning Path

3D Character Design I

Introduction to Zbrush


This course is an introduction to digital sculpting in Zbrush. We will cover the basics of Zbrush and character sculpting while learning about three-dimensional shape and form by creating a character bust.

Software: Sculptris, ZbrushCoreMini, and Zbrush

Hardware: Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet


Prerequisites: Digital Illustration 3

3D Character Design 2

Character Sculpting


Character Sculpting is a course centered on creating a full-bodied character using the previously made character bust in Intro to Zbrush. Students will focus on developing appropriate anatomy for the character, as well as how to sculpt clothing, hair, and accessories. By the end of the term, students will have made a finished character sculpture.

Software: Zbrush

Hardware: Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet


Prerequisites: 3D Character Design 1