Digital Art

This course is an introduction to digital painting, character design, sequential arts, and color composition for illustration, film, and animation. This course covers the study of illustration as visual interpretation and helps students develop strategies for communicating content through pictorial narrative. Students will also learn basic software skills to develop digital drawing abilities.

Digital Illustration I   Character Design and Learning the Program

Digital Illustration II   Background / Scene design 

Digital Illustration III   Comic Storyboard / Sorytelling 

Digital Illustration IV   Conceptual Digital Painting Introduction

Digital Illustration V   Realistic Digital Painting 

Digital Animation

Introduction to Animation is a class designed to introduce students to the concept of animation and mimicking life movement in art. The class is taught through the program Toon Boom Harmony and the assignments will be using The Principles of Animation, ideas and concepts that were founded by 2 of the original Disney Animators. For 9 weeks we will examine and explain each of the 12 principles and then put them into practice as the students create their own animations. By the end of Animation 1 the students will have created 4 full animation projects, from ball bounce, to facial squash and stretching.

*Prerequisite: Digital Illustration I, Digital Illustration II, and Digital Illustration III

Digital Porftfolio   

The Digital Portfolio course is a class that allows students to have a primarily focused, one on one lesson plan based on their personal artistic endeavors. Within the course, each student will explain to the instructor what they are most interested in and what they want to pursue. The instructor will then focus on building a professional level portfolio and an online presence for the students work. Students can focus on comics, animation, character design, background design, Visual Development, and more. 

*Each session is for 9 weeks.

*Digital Program: Adobe Photoshop

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Student Work Gallery

Digital Illustration I - Charactor Design

Digital Illustration II - Background/Scene Design

Digital Illustration III - Comic Storyboard Design

Digital Illustration IV - Conceptual Digital Painting