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Winter Camps

Best Art Program for Creative Thinking and Imagination!

Winter camps are designed for students who are out of school during the winter holiday season. Campers can explore drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture in the Winter Art Camps, the hands-on pottery experience in the Pottery Camps, learn sewing sills and make holiday-related projects in the Sewing Camps, and learn character design in the Kids' Digital Camps.

2023 Winter


Art Camps 

Session 1 ------ 12/18 - 12/20

Session 2 ------ 12/21 - 12/22

Session 3 ------ 12/26 - 12/27

Session 4 ------ 12/28 - 12/29

Sewing Camps

Session 1 ------ 12/18 - 12/20

Session 2 ------ 12/28 - 12/29

Kids' Digital Camps

Session 1 ------ 12/18 - 12/20

Session 2 ------ 12/21 - 12/22

Session 3 ------ 12/26 - 12/27

Session 4 ------ 12/28 - 12/29

Pottery Camps

Session 1 ------ 12/18 - 12/20

Session 2 ------ 12/21 - 12/22

Session 3 ------ 12/28 - 12/29

Winter Art Camps

Ages: 6-7 / 8-9

Winter Art Camp focuses on exploring each student’s creative imagination. Students will be able to build their art by expressing their ideas and artistry. They will have the opportunity to learn different types of art during the winter break.

Winter Kids' Digital Camps

Ages: 7-10

Winter Kids' Digital Camps are a perfect introduction to the exciting world of digital illustration and character design. Designed for younger students, our camp is a fun and engaging way to learn new skills and explore a new medium. Using Procreate software on Apple iPads, campers will learn the basics of digital painting and illustration, including character design. By the end of the camp, students will have completed a full character concept and have a solid understanding of how to draw and paint in a digital environment. 

Winter Sewing Camps

Ages: 9 - 13

Winter Sewing Camp is perfect for students out of school during the Winter Break. It is the ideal option to keep your kids creative and happy when school is out. Kids will get to start off each exciting camp learning Brother, the at-home sewing machine.


Winter Pottery Camps

Ages: 10 - 14

Winter Pottery Camp is designed for students looking to explore the art of pottery during Winter Break. Activities include wheel throwing, hand-building, and hand-painted pottery. 

After the camp, our skilled instructors will handle firing and glazing. 

To collect their finished creations, students or parents should visit our studio two to three weeks after the camp ends. This allows ample time for firing and glazing, ensuring the pottery is ready for collection. 

Camp Gallery

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