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Private Camps

Best Art Program for Creative Thinking and Imagination!

NYSA offers private camps exclusively for private school students navigating unique academic calendars. Our camps offer a vibrant and enriching artistic escape during school breaks.

   How It Works   

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply reach out to us at with the total number of students and your preferred dates or duration for the camp. Our team will tailor a unique and engaging experience to meet your school's specific needs.

Private Art Camps

Immerse yourself in a world of artistic wonders. From painting to sculpture, our Art Camp invites students to explore various traditional and contemporary art forms, fostering self-expression and unleashing hidden talents.

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Private Digital Camps

ive into the future of creativity with our Digital Camp. Students delve into the exciting realms of digital illustration, graphic design, and more, honing their technological skills in a dynamic and inspiring environment.

Private Pottery Camps

Experience the tactile joy of working with clay. In our Pottery Camp, students mold and shape their artistic visions into tangible creations, discovering the satisfaction of hands-on craftsmanship.

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