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Concept Art

In these courses, students will learn how to enhance their 2D art and develop 3D concept art to create scenes. Students will learn how to navigate the powerful industry tool Blender as they transform their 2D ideas into 3D worlds.

Prerequisites: Digital Illustration III

Spring Session 2: April 1- June 12

Summer Semester: June 19 - August 19

Concept Art Learning Path

Concept Art 1

Conceptual Digital Painting Introduction 

This course will teach how to approach a more realistic character design and progress from concept to finished designs by focusing on basic anatomy, photo bashing, lighting, and concept art development through 3D models and matte painting techniques. Students will draw heavily from reference and imagination as they design a character for 3D modeling. By the end of the term, students will have a finished realistic character bust that showcases everything they have learned.

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Hardware: Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet

Prerequisites: Digital Illustration III

Proficiency in digital drawing and painting. No 3D knowledge is required. Digital Illustration II. Environment Design for Concept Art

Concept Art 2

Intro to Blender for Concept Art


This course will take the students step by step on how to get started on Blender. Students will learn the powerful techniques and tools in Blender to enhance their 2D art further, whether it is illustration or concept art. Students will be expected to have a finished prop or scene at the end of the course.

Software: Blender, Adobe Photoshop

Prerequisite: Concept Art 1