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Kids' Film / Video

(5-7 year old / 8-11 year-old)

In this course, children will embark on an exciting storytelling journey through video creation. They'll bring their own characters, backgrounds, and drawings to life in their films. Kids will learn the essential skills to become budding filmmakers, from shooting videos to scripting, acting, editing, and producing. Join us and let your child's imagination shine in filmmaking!

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Draw Animation (Age: 5-7)

-Stop Motion Animation

Unleash your creative potential in "Draw Animation: Hand-Drawn Storytelling with Stop-Motion." In this course, you'll learn how to create captivating animations using your own hand-drawn characters, backgrounds, and special effects. Explore the art of consistent animation, plot development, character posing, and teamwork. By the course's end, you'll have the chance to enjoy a Movie Night with your family and friends, featuring your animated creations.


Course Highlights:

1. Hand-Drawn Storytelling: Develop narratives through your drawings.

2. Character and Background Design: Craft your own characters and backgrounds.

3. Special Effects: Add magic to your animations. 

4. Consistency and Plot Development: Maintain a cohesive style and captivating storyline.

5. Posing and Movement: Convey emotions and bring characters to life.

6. Group Collaboration: Work creatively with your peers.

Broadcasting Art (Age: 8-11)

-From Script to Screen

Discover the World of Broadcasting Art: Unleash your creativity and storytelling skills in this dynamic broadcasting art course! In this course, students will embark on an exciting journey through the realms of planning, scriptwriting, news production, filming, music composition, and video editing. Get ready to craft your very own news segments, complete with your original scripts, backgrounds, props, and graphics. 

Experience the full spectrum of the production process, from the initial planning and scripting stages (pre-production) to the exhilarating filming sessions (production) and finally, the magic of editing and post-production. This course is designed to help you acquire practical skills and ignite your imagination.


As the grand finale, showcase your work to friends and family on our Broadcasting Day. This is your chance to shine and demonstrate the fantastic stories you've created. Join us and become a broadcasting artist extraordinaire!"

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