Fashion Illustration

Beginner Illustration

Students learn how to draw fashion figures starting with the basic understanding of body proportion, face expression, and body elements from head to toe. The students will think about a mood board which is an important visual trend of the fashion each season and connect to their new design as well. Students will use various materials such as graphite, color pencil, water color, acrylic and marker.


Intermediate Illustration

- Strengthen illustration detail skills

  • Create a 3 piece collection with moodboard

  • Practice body features (face, hands, feet, etc.)

  • Further knowledge of shading with markers and colored pencils 


Advanced Illustration

- learn to how to draw industry flats

  • Create a 3-5 piece collection with moodboard

  • Gain a strong focus on seam lines and design details

  • Translate colorful illustrations into flat detailed layouts of clothing 


Independent Illustration

- Personal study of making personal projects (apparel and accessories)

  • continue to strengthen illustrating techniques 

  • experiment with variant design details   

  • experiment with different fabric details  


College Portfolio Illustration

- In this course, students will learn industry standard fashion illustration techniques as well as develop their own personal style. Portfolios will consist of a moldboard, trend board, and fashion renderings of a mini collection.