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Class Policy

   Registration and Tuition Policy ​​

  • All registrations can be made online at

  • There is no transaction fee for payments made through Electric Check (ACH).

  • For payments made with a credit card, there is a 3.5% transaction fee.

  • Early registration is highly encouraged, as it ensures a spot of your choice and grants early registration discount benefits.

  • Registration will be considered complete, and your class spot will be reserved, only upon the receipt of your payment.

  • NYSA classes usually have rolling admissions, allowing registration throughout the semester. The tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

   Attendance and Make-up Policy   

  • Students are required to inform NYSA via email about any planned absences at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Make-ups for missed classes cannot be guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • A maximum of two (2) make-up classes per session (9-10 weeks) is allowed. However, please note that make-up classes do not carry over to the next session.

  • Before attending a make-up class, you must arrange it with the instructor in advance.

  • In case of class cancellations due to inclement weather conditions, no make-up classes will be scheduled.

  • Absences of students cannot be credited, refunded, or rolled over to the next session.

  • Since most classes have weekly projects, please contact us at least a week before the absent day so that we can plan the make-up accordingly.

   Class Transfer Policy   

  • A one-time transfer without a fee can be made if there is an open spot. A $10 transfer fee will be charged for any subsequent transfers.

  • Any resulting fees and tuition balance must be taken care of within 24 hours of the transfer. 

  • NYSA will not be responsible for any classes missed by the student after the transfer has been processed.

  • If there is a tuition difference, only a credit is available, not a refund.

   Discounts Policy   

  • Sibling / Multi-Class Discount: If two or more siblings are enrolled simultaneously in the same semester, a tuition discount will be granted to the students and/or their families. Five (5%) percent tuition discount for all siblings.

  • Multi-class discount will be revoked if the student refunds all but 1 class.

  • The sibling discount will be revoked if only 1 sibling attends NYSA for the session and all other siblings will be refunded.

  • Discounts are not applied for any supplies, materials, required technology, equipment fees, and products.

  • Discounts cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

   Refund / Credit Policy   

  • The credit card transaction service fees (3.5%) are non-refundable in the event of any cancellations for payments made with a credit card.

  • For all refund or credit situations, a cancellation fee of $35 will be applied.

  • Cancellation made 3 days before the class start date: 100% REFUND with the exclusion of the $35 cancellation fee.

  • Cancellation made 1 day before the class start date: No REFUND/CREDIT will be provided.

  • The cancellation policy is applicable to all situations and reasons.

  • NYSA may cancel any class with insufficient registration before the first class start date.

  Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Policy  

  • Parents must escort students to the main entrance of NYSA. 

  • Parents cannot stay in the classroom during the classes.

  • Students can be dropped off 5 minutes prior to the start of class.

  • Students can be picked up at the end of class.

  • Students will not be allowed to leave without a parent or guardian.

  • Please be prompt. All classes start and end on time.

  Digital Art Department Policies & Etiquette  

  • If a student is found not following the policies below, they are subject to a discussion of consequences or a meeting with NYSA (with parents or guardians if under 18).

  Lecture & Class Policy  

  • Registration for classes within the Digital Art Department is open only for the first three weeks. 

  • The first three weeks of a student's instruction, regardless of when they sign up and when the registration period is open, are the most important classes. Unless there is an unavoidable conflict, do not miss the first three classes once the student is signed up.

  • Portfolio/Independent Study classes are graded classes. The grading policy is shared throughout NYSA. Please consult NYSA’s grading policy.

  • Students may bring their own earphones or headphones to plug into their computers or personal devices. No speakers are allowed.

  • During class hours students must be working solely on their assignments unless otherwise specified by the instructor. 

  • Prohibited activities include any type of social media, gaming, and other sites unrelated to the assignments.

  • Students may not search for inappropriate content at NYSA. Regardless of age, adult classes included, all explicit content is prohibited.

  School Device Policy  

  • Once the student has selected their computer to use, they must continue to use it for the duration of that session unless the instructor says otherwise. This does not apply to make-up classes.

  • Printing is allowed only at the instructor's discretion and only from the instructor's computer.

  • Students will not change the settings on the computers.

  • Students will not download any applications.

  • Students will save their files in a folder on the computer with their name. Instructors are not at fault for any loss of files as a result of students not saving their files in their folders.

  • Students may not interact with any other files or pieces from other students on the computers. Computers are shared with other students in the Digital Art Department.

  • Students are allowed to bring their own flash drives to save files, but they must also be saved to the computer.

  • NYSA iPads are for classroom use only. Students may not take them home.

  • Students may not take tablet pens. They will be charged a replacement fee as a result.

  • If a device used during digital classes is damaged, whether accidentally or intentionally, NYSA will require compensation equivalent to the market price of the damaged device from the responsible party.

  Personal Device Policy  

  • Students are allowed to bring their own devices for digital art at the discretion of the instructor, but they must use them for class assignments and nothing more.

  • If an instructor finds that a personal device is causing distraction or other problems with the student, then the student will be directed to use a school device for the duration of that class. If the problem persists in the following days, the student will no longer be allowed to bring their own device.

  • Students will not use other apps or software on their personal devices unless directed by the instructor.

  • Students will not leave their personal devices at the Digital Art Department.

   Photography Rights   

  • I realized that any photos or videos taken of my child and/or artwork during NYSA programs become the property of the New York School of Arts, and may be used in printed literature or marketing materials. I am aware there will be no compensation for the use of said photos or videos.

   After School Pick-up Policy ( *After School Pick-up Students only)   

  • No school pick-up: 2 Hour student early release days, teacher workdays, student holidays, & and any severe weather condition days


  • The NYSA reserves the right to refuse admission and to expel any disruptive student. 

  • Cell phone usage is not permitted in the classroom. Cell phones should be set to vibrate in the studios.

  • Students will be respectful to each other, the facility, the staff, and the property of others.

  • Students must use respectful language at all times.

  • Students must follow the teacher’s instructions and guidelines.

   Release Agreement  

  • I agree to the fullest extent to be responsible for any medical bills that may incur resulting from illness or injury during my child or my participation at NYSA. I release NYSA from any and all liability and/or claims or damages arising out of personal injury of any kind. I have read and understand the contents of the Registration and Tuition Policy, including the Attendance and Makeup Policy, the Cancellation Policy, the Student Drop-off and Pick-up, the Photography Rights Policy, as well as the Release Agreement.

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