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Kids' Digital

(8 to 10 Year-Old)

In these courses, younger students will learn the booming medium of digital illustration on the portable software Procreate for the iPad. They will be introduced to basic digital art software tools that are shared with other more advanced software, such as layers, brushes, clipping masks, and blend modes.

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Kids' Digital 1

- Character Design and Learning the Program   

Level 1 introduces budding artists to the fundamentals of digital artistry. Students delve into the captivating world of character design and character animation. Through hands-on exercises and guided instruction, they'll learn how to bring their imaginative characters to life on screen. By mastering the basics of character creation and animation, students lay the groundwork for their digital art journey.


Software: Procreate

Hardware: Apple iPad + Apple Pencil

Kids' Digital 2 

- Background and Scene Design  

Building upon the skills acquired in Level 1, Level 2 focuses on expanding students' abilities in digital art. This level delves into the intricacies of background drawing and animations, emphasizing the integration of backgrounds with characters. Students learn how to create immersive settings that complement and enhance their character narratives. By merging characters seamlessly into backgrounds, they craft engaging and dynamic digital scenes.

Prerequisite: Kids' Digital 1

Software: Procreate

Hardware: Apple iPad + Apple Pencil

Kids' Digital 3 

- Comic Storyboard and Story-Telling  

In Level 3, students embark on a storytelling adventure through digital art. This level revolves around storyboarding, teaching students how to effectively structure and visualize narratives. They'll learn the art of storytelling, and understand how to convey emotions and sequences visually. By the end of this level, students will have acquired the skills to storyboard a compelling narrative and culminate their journey by animating their own story.

 Prerequisite: Kids' Digital 2

Software: Procreate

Hardware: Apple iPad + Apple Pencil

Kids' Digital - Project

- Individual Projects on Comics, Animation, or Concept Art  

This class is for students who've completed Kid's Digital 1, 2, and 3, gaining a strong base in character design, background creation, storyboarding, and animation. Now, they'll pitch their own project ideas, whether it's a longer comic book, a complete animation, or any digital art passion.

Guided by experienced instructors, each student receives personalized support for their project. It's the perfect space for young artists to deepen their skills and creativity in a supportive setting, aiming to take their digital artistry to new heights.


Prerequisite: Kids' Digital 3

Software: Procreate

Hardware: Apple iPad + Apple Pencil

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