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Camp Policies

   Registration and Tuition Policy  

  • Tuition payments can be made by ACH or credit card. No transaction fee for all Electric Check (ACH) payments. 3.5% transaction fee for all credit card payments.

  • Early registration is highly encouraged to ensure a spot of your choice with early registration discount benefits. Upon reception of your payment, registration will be complete, and your class spot will be reserved.

  • Each student should submit a completed registration form for each camp. (Sibling students need to fill out separate forms) 

  • Spring/Summer Camp allows taking weekly basis registration. NYSA does not offer a daily camp for Spring/Summer Camp. (Except One-Day Camp)

  • Sibling or friend pair-up requests MUST be conveyed to NYSA immediately after registration. We can only accommodate pairing siblings or friends in the same group if we have received notice in advance.

   Attendance and Make-up Policy   

  • There is NO MAKE-UPS for any camps. (One-day camp, Spring Camps, Summer Camps, and Winter Camps)

  • Classes can be canceled due to inclement weather conditions. No make-up classes will be arranged if weather-related cancellations occur.

  • Any absences cannot be credited, refunded, or roll over to the next session.


   Transfer Policy   

  • To transfer camp week must request a transfer by email at least two(2) weeks before the camp start date.

  • The transfer is not guaranteed if the space is not available. 

  • Only a one-time camp week transfer is allowed in the summer camps without the fee.  

  • A $15 transfer service fee will occur for a second transfer request.

   Discounts & Cancellation Policy   

  • Camp registration fees are non-refundable for any cancellations.

  • Early registration discounts apply to the camp tuition only.

  • Sibling Discount: If two or more siblings are enrolled simultaneously in the same camp, the students and/or their families will be granted a tuition discount. One of the siblings and/or family members must pay full tuition: Five (5%) percent tuition discount for the second, third, and additional siblings. The sibling discount rate shall apply to the lesser tuition cost.

  • A camp registration fee ($20) will be charged in any refund situation.

  • 100% refund: Two (2) weeks prior to the camp start date.

  • 85% refund: One (1) week prior to the camp start date.

  • 75% refund: Three (3) days prior to the camp start date.

  • 50% refund: One (1) day prior to the camp start date.

  • No refund: After the first day of the camp.

  Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Policy  

  • Parents must escort students to the main entrance of NYSA. 

  • Parents cannot stay in the classroom during the classes.

  • Students can be dropped off 5 minutes prior to the start of class.

  • Students can be picked up at the end of class.

  • Students will only be allowed to leave with a parent or guardian.

  • Please be prompt. All classes start and end on time.

   Photography Rights   

  • I realized that any photos or videos taken of my child and/or artwork during NYSA programs become the property of the New York School of Arts and may be used in printed literature or marketing materials. I am aware there will be no compensation for using said photos or videos.


  • The NYSA reserves the right to refuse admission and to expel any disruptive student. 

  • Cell phone usage is not permitted in the classroom. Cell phones should be set to vibrate in the studios.

  • Campers will be respectful to each other, the facility, the staff, and the property of others.

  • Campers must use respectful language at all times.

  • Campers must follow the teacher’s instructions and guidelines.

   Release Agreement  

  • I agree to the fullest extent to be responsible for any medical bills that may incur resulting from illness or injury during my child or my participation at NYSA. I release NYSA from any and all liability and/or claims or damages arising out of personal injury of any kind. I have read and understand the contents of the Registration and Tuition Policy, including the Attendance and Make-Up Policy, the Cancellation Policy, the Student Drop-off and Pick-up, the Photography Rights Policy, as well as the Release Agreement.

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