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Kids' Digital Animation

(7 to 10 Year-Old)

In these courses, students are introduced to the concept of animation and mimicking life movement in art. Using the Principles of Animation, they will start off with smaller projects before getting into larger storyboards and animatics as their understandings grow.

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Kids Digital Animation 1 

Digital Animation - Procreate 1

Prereq: Kids Digital Illustration 3 (Procreate 3)

In this course, students will develop a solid foundation in key animation techniques, such as character design, storyboarding, and digital rendering, and also gain experience with Procreate software. Students will learn how to bring their ideas to life, from concept to final product, and develop the skills necessary to pursue a career in animation.

Prerequisite: Digital Illustration - Procreate 1

Software: Procreate

Hardware: Apple iPad

Kids Digital Animation 2 

Digital Animation - Procreate 2

Prereq: Kids Digital Animation 1 (Procreate Animation 2)

This course will be teaching storyboarding with the purpose of constructing multiple scenes, which include the student’s original character moving and completing an action/actions in a chosen setting. Students will execute a short narrative that combines all of the animative skills from Digital Animation I to inform how their character and background move and are activated.

Prerequisite: Digital Animation - Procreate 1

Software: Procreate

Hardware: Apple iPad

Kids Digital Animation 3 

Digital Animation - Procreate 3

Continuing the project in Digital Animation II, Students will be given additional time to add more elements to their animations if they wish (i.e. more color, textures, character and background details, etc). Mostly, though, this class will focus on making and implementing a soundscape into the animation. This can include recording their own foley, choosing background music and sound effects, and recording scripts for their character to speak.

Prerequisite: Digital Animation - Procreate 2

Software: Procreate

Hardware: Apple iPad

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